About Wooglee

We live in incredible times: Internet tech is ubiquitous worldwide. It has brought about self-driving cars, watches you can talk to, and the biggest music library ever in your pocket, Just thirty years ago, all this was sci-fi.

But these developments have come at a cost. Nowadays, it’s normal for Big Tech Companies to collect our private information to quench their thirst for Big Data. We’ve seen with Facebook, Uber and Equifax how vulnerable that information can be.

But the security isn’t even the biggest question: Why do they need all our personal details anyway?

They want our data, because, knowledge is power.

By collecting all your private data, companies and governments are becoming powerful to the extent that they virtually own you. And this might turn out to be very harmful to us.

Big Data creates a huge advantage for companies in doing business with you. For example, by analysing social posts, Big Data technology filters for those who are slightly depressed. Why? Because slightly depressed people tend to hit the “buy” button faster… It’s clear that your interest is not always the interest of businesses collecting your data.

At Wooglee we love 21st century tech

But we also believe that we shouldn’t let the balance of power tilt too much in favour of corporations and governments. Big companies and governments should leave your data alone, unless you consciously decide to give them access.

That’s why we’re developing tools that help you control the personal information you decide to share online or not.

The future

We’re also working on other private versions of common online tools, like email and web browsing. Keep an eye out for new services to be introduced soon. For years to come, we want to protect your freedom, to step outside of your box and explore personal beliefs in your private space, without companies or governments profiling, stigmatizing, or possibly taking advantage of you.

We want you to be able to dance like nobody’s watching!

Our people

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that our team of online privacy specialists values their own online privacy too. At the same time we’re also aware that transparency and visibility are important for any tech company. So we split the difference, and are showing avatars and first names for most of our team members.

For any questions, please visit our contact our support team directly. They’re great at helping you to fully enjoy private search on Startpage.com.

It’s your data. Not big data.

The Wooglee team